The deep fryer, electric household appliances for “fritto misto” lovers


11 Nov The deep fryer, electric household appliances for “fritto misto” lovers

In front of a good fried, golden and tasty, nobody can resist. This type of cooking, in fact, manages to get everyone to agree, even the most discerning palates. To get a good result, however, you must use the proper tools. On the market there are different types of fryers for sale. Before proceeding with the purchase, however, it is appropriate to consider some aspects to look for the household appliance that best suits your needs.

The dimensions

fryer basketThe capacity the basket is one of the important parameters to consider. The fryers for less than a liter of oil are unlikely to meet the needs of a family, who should choose a device that contains at least two quarts of oil, and will go well for singles or young couples. Another important aspect is the wattage. In the market there are models that start from 1200 watts to 2200 watts. The higher the wattage the fryer will consume more energy, but at the same time heat the oil more quickly. Another aspect to be borne in mind, however, is the presence of a porthole on the lid to check that the cooking proceed in the best way.


fryer roundApart from the thermostat, present in almost all models, timer is another feature particularly handy that not all devices are provided of. While the more advanced models also have the auto shut-off system when you have finished cooking. If we want a cooking lighter models most suitable are those with the rotating basket which, inter alia, also allows a considerable saving of the quantity of oil employed. Among the models of the latest generation it is to report fryers that cook with hot air. An innovative system that allows you to use very little fat for cooking tasty nonetheless. Obviously, the greater the functions of the fryer, the higher is the price.

Cleaning and maintenance

maintenanceFor those who just can not stand the smell of fried food is important to check the quality of the filter that, however, to be fully functional, it must be cleaned often. For this reason it would be better to prefer a model with a removable filter. Even the oil must be frequently changed to avoid spoiling the food and for healthier cooking. To avoid the annoying and harmful residues you should choose a deep fryer with removable and non-stick material oil pan. Wash the pan separately is a job much less challenging and allows for a more thorough cleaning of the unit. Small steps to a perfect result every time.